ABOUT - Kenneth Keeler Director of Photography

Kenneth Keeler was born in Sacramento, California. He attended film school at Brooks Institute and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts in Film with a focus in Cinematography. He started his career in music videos and transitioned into shooting surfing documentaries, traveling to Mexico and South America.

He applies new techniques on every project, challenging himself to enhance the quality of his work. Kenneth combines different lighting and camera techniques to enhance storytelling and bring a level of unsurpassed passion and excitement to every project.

Kenneth has shot for an extensive list of clients, that of which include Audi, Murad, OFF!, Bravo TV, Segway, AT&T, ESPN, Penguin Publishing, and Kawasaki, and is always on the look out for new and exciting projects.

On the rare days when he is not on set, you can find him in the ocean scuba diving, or shooting underwater. He enjoys traveling and continues his first passion for still photography while developing his own film at his home in Los Angeles.

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