qui vivra verra (short film)

Qui Vivra Verra- Translation: "He/she who lives, shall see."

Qui Vivra Verra is a love letter to change. We follow Roxanna who is leaving her home to start a new chapter in life, to travel the world and see the one planet we all call home.


In life change is inevitable and we have all faced those tough decisions, leaving our comforts behind, propelling ourselves forward into the unknown, to grow and learn something new in this journey we call life.

Director: Travis Mauck
DP: Kenneth Keeler
Actor: Roxanna Dunlop
Voice Actor: Ana Perromat
VO Writer: Kenneth Keeler
Script Translation: Ana Perromat & Marina Charriton
Editor/Colorist: Kenneth Keeler

Shot on Kodak 16mm 5219 & 5207

©2020 Kenneth Keeler- Director of Photography

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